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Frequently asked questions about MAW

What is MobAdWin?

  • The user earns cash and perks (discounts, special offers, gifts, …) and decides when and how (s)he receives the ads on his/her phone
  • The advertiser truly interacts with his/her customer base, and pays a fraction of what (s)he would have paid with any traditional media, internet based or not

How does it work?

We refer to MAW as our free mobile application (iOS or Android); the advertiser interacts through a standard Internet browser.

How does MobAdWin differ from the competition?

MobAdWin is the first and only win-win marketing platform. The users and advertisers interact but the user’s personal data remains completely private. 

We will never sell personal data to anyone. We bring the sellers and buyers together but we do not pass on any personal identifying information. The users receive ads only on the topics they select. We don't pry on their personal email or messages to guess what's good for them. Every transaction on MobAdWin is made on a voluntary basis.

The traditional big internet advertisers sell keywords that are auctioned at a sometimes very high price. Moreover, the uncertainty of the pay per click leaves the advertiser wondering who exactly views their advertisement. 
Other companies offer Internet coupon services that can be tempting but end up being very expensive and often don’t bring in a clientele that will last beyond the one time bargain.

A key problem of internet advertising as it exists today is the lack of feedback and segmentation. With MobAdWin, not only does the advertiser receive feedback on the campaign, there is the option to offer goodies such as promos, discounts, freebies, and special services at no extra cost.

Social network based advertisement can be a good crowdsourcing tool but does not offer much in terms of campaign creation possibilities. Furthermore, none of our competitors reward the opinions of consumers through financial compensation.

All in all, the most complete, efficient, respectful and cost effective way to advertise is MAW: that's our guarantee.

How do I sign-up and how much does it cost?

It is free to sign-up on MAW. Just download the app on the Apple store or on Google Play. Once this is done, simply create a new account on the system with your email. You will have to provide as much details about yourself as possible so we can select the ads that best match your profile: the more detailed, the better experience you will get.

How do I get my cash back?

Every time you provide feedback to a campaign your MAW account gets credited. At $ 0.50 per ad, and a maximum of 25 ads a day, there is the possibility to earn up to $ 12.5 a day.  There three reward schemes to choose from in order to cash in: $25, $50 or $100. Once your account reaches the selected scheme + $3*, a prepaid credit card will be mailed to your address. This is real cash that you can spend at your own discretion.

*: $3 for processing fees, shipping and handling.

What are experience user points and what are they worth?

Each time you provide feedback, share ads with your friends on social networks or invite them to join our community, you will receive experience points and gain levels. Higher level users receive special bonuses such as extra cash, gifts, discounts, or invitations from advertisers.

What are Goodies and how can I redeem them?

Most advertisers will offer some form of gift, discount, rebate, or access to exclusive products and services. We call them goodies and they are available when the user has provided feedback on an ad. To redeem a goody, click on the redeem goody button, launch the countdown and show it to the advertiser’s employee during the running countdown. When countdown has expired, the goody will disappear. The duration of the countdown is set by the advertiser.

What are the terms of use for the mobile application?

You can find them here.

Ad queue - feedback queue and Goody queue

All the ads matching your profile are stored in queues that you can access from the corresponding icons. The Ad queue shows the ads that have recently been distributed to you. The ads in the Feedback queue wait for you to provide your feedback and the ones in the Goody queue await for the redemption of the Goody. At any time, an ad can be deleted from the queue with a swipe.

Ad Detail and Giving feedback

Tapping on an ad will cause the ad detail to open and provide the content, a location pin, and gift box to signify the presence of a goody. Links to social networks allow you to share the ad.

Swiping the screen to the left or right will lead to the next or previous ad.

Click the thumbnail under the text of the ad to view its media content which you must watch in its entirety in order to provide feedback.

After having viewed the ad, the feedback button will be available, and the ad will move from the Ad queue to the Feedback queue. Click on the feedback button to open the feedback form.


Goodies are perks offered to you by the advertisers. To use a goody, simply click on the redemption button and the countdown will begin. When the countdown expires, the goody will disappear. The allotted time for the countdown is set by the advertiser.

Be sure to show it to an employee of the advertiser before the countdown runs out!


Having an updated and accurate profile is important to get the best experience and the best rewards possible. We encourage you to complete your full profile for which we guarantee absolute privacy.


The wish list features an “I wish I had” function that allows you to request ads for goods or services that would otherwise not be presented to you. For example, you are searching for baby clothes for a friend but your profile says you do not have children. Normally, you would not receive ads and promos on baby apparel, but if you have entered a keyword such as “baby shower” in your wish list, the ads relating to these keywords will now be available to you.

How can MobAdWin help me improve my business?

MobAdWin is the ideal platform to reach your customers conveniently through their smartphones. Traditional advertising is extremely costly and inefficient, with very little feedback or return on investment. Internet advertisement is no better. For example, statistics show that in reality pay per click advertisement only drives an extremely small percentage of consumers to businesses.

You can use MobAdwin to gather feedback from your customers and is the least expensive poll and market study system on the planet.

You only pay when your ad has been received, read and reviewed by customers who are rewarded for their feedback and opinion. This means more efficient business to customer communication with a better control of your advertisement budget and a guarantee that your message has been delivered.

How expensive is this - truly?

MOn average the cost is $1 per feedback received from your client; however, the cost decreases for higher volumes. This means, for $1 your ad has been read, rated, and understood, and you have interacted with your customer base.

You remain in constant control of the costs and the content of your campaigns, without any surprise fees or conditions. 

Why would MobAdWin be more efficient than traditional marketing channels?

1.   There are no channel costs, meaning big savings.

2.   Targeted campaigns help you reach interested customers only.

3.   It’s mobile. You can localize your campaigns so the ad is sent to the customers when they enter a zone defined by you. 

4.   Interaction with the user allows you to use their input to improve your campaigns, services, and products.

5.   You can measure the success of your campaign in real time with the back office reporting tools.


How do I sign-up?

Advertiser get Started!

lick on the “Advertiser get Started” button sign-up for free and complete your company profile. This will grant you access to the campaign creation tool and its five step wizard. Should you have any question, our video tutorials are available on our MobAdWin YouTube channel.


Fill-in the form and it’s done, you are operational. Start advertising with MobAdWin.

How do I create my first campaign?

Creating your first campaign is simple. Click on Campaign in the menu or on the "New" button in the dashboard and just follow the 5 steps wizard. As easy as:

1.   Give a name to your campaign

2.   Select the segmentation of your campaign: who do you want to reach?

3.   Chose the category of your campaign: what type of goods and services

4.   Provide the details such as the start date, text, and goody

5.   Attach the media and post

The campaigns can be grouped, based on your strategy. Create your own groups of campaigns.

The Save and Next button brings you to the next step in the wizard. The Save and Return button saves your work and returns to the dashboard.

OK, but can I make complex market segmentation?

You can create very precise campaigns through extensive segmentation.

Select a segmentation field, the comparator and the possible values, then click on the + sign to add a segment.

Then, select the operator and easily build a complex market segmentation


How can I follow-up on my campaigns?

An overview of your campaigns is always available on the dashboard.

For a detailed analysis of the campaign's progress, click on the reports menu. A wealth of information is available for you by browsing through the different reports.

What are the billing and payment processes?

Two options are accessible through the Settings menu, under the Company Setup tab.

1.   Pre-paid credits via PaPal

2.   A monthly plan that allows you to choose the amount and the duration

You will receive a monthly invoice summarizing your activity.

What are the terms of use for the MAW service as advertiser?

You can find them here.

What do we do with your data?

We take your privacy concerns very seriously and will never distribute, share, sell, transfer or otherwise make available any on your information to a third party.

Your profile is the basis for the segmentation; however, your data is processed and transformed into anonymous demographics.

MobAdWin is a platform, we link users' profiles and advertisers but this is guaranteed to be kept 100% anonymous. We are the intermediary who protects your privacy: it is the key to our relationship with you.

What happens to my data if I want to unregister?

We store transactional data. Therefore, we are compelled to retain your transactional information. However, your profile will be flagged as inactive and will not be accounted for in our system. All identifying data is then deleted, all that remains is anonymous demographics.

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