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Advertisers, expand your business by reaching out to future and existing customers.

  1. You create a marketing campaign in a few clicks thanks to our 5 step wizard allows you to create and publish a marketing campaign tailored to the demographics you want to attract
  2. Only interested participants with the right profile will receive your ad. To sell more, offer goodies to your customers
  3. Measure the adequacy of your campaign with online stats on the penetration and effectiveness of your campaign, and measure up against the performance of your peers by comparing with your industry's average
  4. For each campaign, decide how much you want to invest. No surprises, when the campaign budget is depleted, that's it
  5. You pay only when a customer provides feedback on your ad. The cost of an ad is set, $1 per feedback received. No more pay per click, or keyword auction uncertainty
  6. Interact with your customers. You can use MobAdWin to run simple polls to improve your products and services by asking direct customer feedback on a design, or a new service to be launched

The terms of use for our service can be found here.